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New Weights At Clubfitt Gyms

If you’ve always thought the public gyms were the poorer cousins of the private gyms, perhaps it’s time to rethink that again. Situated conveniently around the island, the 15 (and soon more to come I believe) Clubfitt gyms have been slowly, but surely undergoing a renewal of sorts of its own.Imagine our pleasant surprise today [...]

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Health And Fitness Talk For Edgefield Secondary School

I always believe being able to share my knowledge with others is a blessing. And being able to multiply that many times and share with 320 students is a huge blessing. This was what awaited me at Edgefield Secondary School this morning. I was invited to the school to talk to the Secondary 1 students [...]

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Health And Fitness Talk For BMT Asia Pacific

After working hard at the figures, all eyes were on me to explain what they meant. And that was when everyone went “ oh no” because they regretted eating lunch before my talk today. Standing in front of the affectionate crowd in the small training room, I comforted them all by saying it would make [...]

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Fitness Training Tips From Action Superhero Thor

Ok, admit it. We all love superheros because not only are they blessed with supernatural powers, they also often have drool worthy bodies. So very often, the question we ask ourselves after watching the movie is did the superhero always looked this part? And we know 9 out of 10 times, the answer is no. [...]

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