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Corporate Wellness Talk For Jebsen & Jessen

It is definitely an encouraging sign to see more companies devoting time, effort and resources to health and wellness – a much neglected area in the workforce. With society’s perpetual emphasis on raising productivity amidst an uncertain global economy, companies are fast realizing the key to doing this is boosting worklife balance of their staff. [...]

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The Benefits of Weight Training for Women

It is perhaps a worst kept secret that some women shy away from the gym for fear of building big, bulky muscles. As certified personal trainers, let me assure you that this is simply not true. By the law of nature, women naturally do not produce enough testosterone or human growth hormone to build a masculine body. [...]

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Health And Wellness Talk For NUS (National University Of Singapore) Staff

If you ask me, nothing beats the feeling of being on home ground. That’s because not only do you know the surroundings well, you also see familiar faces in the crowd. And for these two reasons alone, I’m glad to be back at the National University of Singapore (NUS) at lunchtime today to share health [...]

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