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Build A Bigger Chest

Ask any male and almost all will agree that the bench press is the single most crucial exercise for building a big strong chest. Through the years, many have associated the size of the pectoral muscles with the masculinity of the person. While the bench press is predominantly a single muscle movement and not as [...]

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Personal Training Singapore Is Ranked First In Google

Ok, I must admit today’s post may sound a little technical…but I’m sure all of you will be happy to learn that our site www.PersonalTrainingSingapore.com is ranked first in Google. Based on pure organic search (with no paid advertisements), we are number one in Singapore. Wow! It is an open secret that the Google remains [...]

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5 Tips For Coping With Arthritis

Like it or not, arthritis has fast become one of the most chronic health problems we have to face in recent years. Arthritis refers to the inflammation of a joint, usually accompanied by pain, swelling, and stiffness. In some cases, it could have resulted from from infection, trauma and degenerative change as one ages. Personally, I've [...]

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