Coping With Food Cravings

I’m dreaming of food again. Bring forth the ice cream, donuts and cupcakes. This is what is called my sugar rush and these are times when I just must start munching something. Or how about that bag of potato chips or that mouth-watering pizza I saw in the advertisement some days back? Sometimes my desire is so intense that it makes me go to great lengths to satisfy my cravings. Pause and ask yourselves: Do these scenarios sound familiar to [...]

The SMART Way To Fitness

Do you remember when was the last time you wrote a resolution and achieved it? If you are still thinking, it could be because that happened a long time ago. But more realistically, you’re still thinking because you never achieved it! If you have problems keeping to your own plans and goals, use my simple yet effective system below to help you on your way! One of the most common reasons why we are unable to complete the resolution is [...]

New Year Resolutions: Eliminating Self Sabotage

Self-sabotage is a very common problem, and not just in fitness. It’s not because of a lack of knowledge or desire to achieve your goal, but a deeper psychological reason. Perhaps you, like all of us, are guilty of it sometimes. The worst part is that it hits you just as you’re beginning to achieve results. It usually starts with the excuses you make when you start to slack off. Let’s recall some of the most common ones… “I have [...]

Get That Six Pack Abs

“Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the most attractive of me all?” Ask any woman this question and she will almost always point to your midriff section. Yes, she’s referring to your abs.  The  six  pack  abs  refer  to  your  abdominal muscles showing  up  with  clear definition  in six  individual  parts.  Do  you  know  women  love the male  abs  as  it  is  an indication  of  a  fit  and  healthy male? Since  the  days  of human  evolution, women  are naturally [...]

5 Fitness Training Lessons From A Gym Veteran

It’s not often you get to see a silver-haired uncle in the gym pumping iron. You can tell from the lines on his face, sunken eyes and slightly dwarfed frame that he is well past his prime. But there’s something so different about him compared to the rest of the nondescript young boys. For one, he still has the built and fervour. While waiting for my client to catch his breath, Uncle came forward to chat with us. And it [...]