Health And Wellness Talk For KHL Marketing Asia Pacific

It’s the new release of my series of health and fitness talks. What I have done is to blend together several topics together into one single series, simply and aptly titled “Health and Wellness” for the participants from KHL Marketing Asia Pacific. If you ask me, there’s a significant difference between health and wellness. Often [...]

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The SMART Way To Fitness

Do you remember when was the last time you wrote a resolution and achieved it? If you are still thinking, it could be because that happened a long time ago. But more realistically, you’re still thinking because you never achieved it! If you have problems keeping to your own plans and goals, use my simple [...]

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New Year Resolutions: Eliminating Self Sabotage

Self-sabotage is a very common problem, and not just in fitness. It’s not because of a lack of knowledge or desire to achieve your goal, but a deeper psychological reason. Perhaps you, like all of us, are guilty of it sometimes. The worst part is that it hits you just as you’re beginning to achieve [...]

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Get That Six Pack Abs

“Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the most attractive of me all?” Ask any woman this question and she will almost always point to your midriff section. Yes, she’s referring to your abs.  The  six  pack  abs  refer  to  your  abdominal muscles showing  up  with  clear definition  in six  individual  parts.  Do  you  know [...]

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Amazing Fitness Resistance Tube Workout

Many times in life, it’s not about thinking. Rather, it’s about doing. Because once you have done it, you are already a winner. For this reason alone, I applaud the Amazing ladies who rose up to the challenge, sweated it out and joined me for the Resistance Tube Fitness Workout today. If you have been [...]

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Health And Fitness Talk At Department Of Biological Sciences, National University Of Singapore

It’s the annual DBS Safety and Health Day 2011. Already into its third year of inception, the event brings together staff and students from the department in a bid to reinforce the importance of observing workplace safety. This is not surprising as most of us spend most of our waking hours at work. What makes [...]

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5 Fitness Training Lessons From A Gym Veteran

It’s not often you get to see a silver-haired uncle in the gym pumping iron. You can tell from the lines on his face, sunken eyes and slightly dwarfed frame that he is well past his prime. But there’s something so different about him compared to the rest of the nondescript young boys. For one, [...]

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The 3 Lessons of Life I Learnt From Gym Workouts

I feel many people have misconceptions about others who work out in the gym. Okay, if you see someone prancing around in front of the mirror and hording it perpetually, that it’s probably because he is vain. But for the majority of us who work out often in the gym, the cold iron weights have [...]

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Eliminating Back Pain Talk At Wilmar International

It’s ironic to note that as our society progresses, the number of people suffering from back pain increases. This is something which I foresee will only aggravate in the years to come as most of us are huddled up perpetually behind our laptops and are subjected to carry heavy briefcases and document files. Add to [...]

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Health And Fitness – Cheers To Wellness

Mention the term 'wellness' and there is a high chance that many people still associate it with slimming centres, fad diets and spa retreats. Well, we don't blame them as such images stick in our minds long after we have seen them thanks to clever advertising and celebrity endorsements. In a world where wellness means [...]

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