Discover The Only Do It Yourself Fitness Programme For People Who Want To Exercise At Their Own Leisure Time, Want to Look Good, Lead Busy Lifestyles & Are Not Willing To Engage A Personal Trainer

Suitable for Beginners, Intermediaries and Experts!


Dear friend,

Are you a busy professional who works all day, gets home after dark and does not have the time to engage a personal trainer whose fees start from $65 per hour?

Has your health and fitness declined as a result of your busy schedule?

Does your busy schedule, travelling distance or traffic make it difficult for you to go to any fitness centre, and need better flexibility to exercise at your own pace?

If you are like me and most busy professionals, you have tried many fitness programmes, fads, and diets and become overwhelmed, confused, and stressed and have given up; thinking that getting into shape is an impossible task?

If you visit the bookstore today or type and search fitness or exercise into your search engine you will find a multitude of fitness books, programmes, and dieting advice. Where do you start? Who do you believe? It all becomes too overwhelming to even start at times.

Well, if you have experienced any or all of the above, then it might be comforting to know that you are not alone in that feeling.

  • Imagine what it would be like to have flexible, easy ways to look and feel better no matter your busy lifestyle, fitness level or age?
  • Imagine if you could lose stubborn body fat around your belly, hips, thighs, glutes, underarms and building muscle fast with no personal trainer around?
  • And imagine feeling 100% in control, satisfied and proud of your new look and health and the flexibility of achieving it easily?

Sounds like a dream right?


…Imagine if you could turn this dream into your reality?

And imagine if it could become your reality starting TODAY?

Right now, we want you to stop imagining the dream and start living it!

That’s because you’re about to discover a DO IT YOURSELF FITNESS PROGRAMME on a series of high definition fitness videos teaching you HOW to make it happen for yourself or family.

You’re about to discover the surefire platform that’s helping beginners, intermediaries and experts develop the health and look they crave.

And you’re about to get all these and others easily without spending an arm and a leg in the process!

That’s because you are being introduced to…

D.I.Y Fitness!


The DIY Fitness is about instruction and advice on a video that will – when implemented – provide you and your family the flexible, easy ways to look and feel better no matter your busy lifestyle, fitness level or age.

No matter how bad your genetics or metabolism, the information contained in these HD instructional DIY videos – when implemented – will make you lose stubborn body fat around your belly, hips, thighs, glutes, underarms and you’ll build muscle fast with no personal trainer around!

As a personal trainer who’s still in daily private practice working one-on-one with my clients just like you in the real world, this gives me an advantage in teaching you, because I get to sit down every day and hear what the real world struggles are. The struggles of a lack of time to pursue fitness, weight loss and the part of their body that really needs help. This is why “DIY Fitness” was developed to profoundly change how people live and it can help you too.



They are many gyms, fitness and health clubs around but you don’t have enough time to really get effective use out of them, you can’t afford the monthly membership fees or you don’t already look like Mr World or Ms Universe, and will be embarrassed to be seen in shorts and a T-shirt..! If you have trouble making it to the gym for any reason, then DIY FITNESS will be perfect for you!

You get instant access to illustrated, downloadable videos that will give you the routines you need to get in better shape in 30 days or less! (Mobile, PC and MAC Compatible)

No more guessing, no more trying to figure out how you should be working out. Instead you’ll learn exactly what you need to know to workout in the privacy of your own home.



singapore personal training tickIn it, you’ll discover a high quality professionally filmed set of fitness videos for a complete workout for different muscle groups (eg. chest, back, arms, legs & shoulders) – using both dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.

tick You’ll receive full voice instruction for each workout.

tick You’ll clearly see the full details on how to perform each exercise.

tick The videos are HD in MP4 format – 640 x 360 resolution.

singapore personal training hdmp42

If you are a lady, you’ll receive 16 videos, while men will get 52 videos.

Each exercise is broken down to make it easy to understand and follow. Plus, you’ll get instant access to the downloadable in VIDEO format so you can run it on any type of mobile, computer or MAC!

Here’s a sample of a video you will be getting.

singapore personal training wall squat video sample



So how much – really – would you be prepared to pay for this sort of “insider” knowledge?

Already, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of money on other stuff that failed to deliver.

You might have spent thousands of dollars on them!

The good news is today you can get your hands on The Do It Yourself Fitness for just a one-time fee of $88 – but only if you are among the first 100 people to order!

That’s right!

For the price of a personal trainer’s one hour, you can better the strength of the heart and boosts the circulatory system, burn a substantial number of calories on a steady basis at home, have a balanced and better level of muscular strength

And you’ll also be healthier than before and more productive in all other areas of your life!

But it’s only available for the special, limited time price of just $88 if you are among the first 100 people to order now.

If you’re person #101, you will pay the normal price of $499 – still a great price, but wouldn’t you prefer to pay just $80?

Besides the full-instructional videos, we will be including two special BONUSES!

tick Bonus 1: We have included detailed exercise programmes (according to your fitness goals). It’s similar to the actual exercise programme our personal trainers put our clients through. In short, this is the REAL deal.

tick Bonus 2: You’ll also receive 60 fitness motivational poster quotes (1000 pixels x 1000 pixels). A sample of which is shown below…



DIY Fitness for Men

  • 52 High Definition Fitness Videos with Full Instructions
  • 5 Page Fitness Workout Programme – Muscle Building for Guys
  • 4 Page Fitness Workout Programme – Weight Loss & Toning for Guys
  • 60 Fitness Motivational Posters
singapore personal trainers 03

singapore personal trainers diy

DIY Fitness for Ladies

  • 16 High Definition Fitness Videos with Full Instructions
  • 3 Page Fitness Workout Programme – Weight Loss & Toning for Ladies
  • 60 Fitness Motivational Posters

Now, Let Me Ask You This…

What’s Going to Happen if You Don’t Change Your Life Now?

Consider that for a minute. Where will you be and how will you feel in a few months if you don’t get started with changes to your health today? Do you honestly think things will just magically change for you? I didn’t think so.

I’ve been doing this for long enough to understand a little bit about how we think. I understand you might feel a bit hesitant to order this because you don’t wish to have wasted your time and cash and purchased something that wasn’t what you thought it was. I understand that. We’ve all been there. However I also understand that you need to take a chance and give it a shot, otherwise, you’ll never enjoy the life you know you want.

So rest assured and Buy Now with peace of mind because… you have nothing to lose.

But the peace of mind knowing you and your family can look and feel better at your own space isn’t the only peace of mind you get with The Do It Yourself Fitness!

That’s because The Do It Yourself Fitness is backed by my 90 Days Happiness Guarantee! It takes 90 days to instill a good new habit. And the good new habit is seeing both your body and health improve day after day.

So don’t hesitate to begin changing your life now by grabbing your copy only $88.

>>> Instant Access Here for Guys!

>>> Instant Access Here for Ladies!


P.S. Your life begins right now. Remember that at any one time, the decisions you make will change the rest of your life forever and you’ll only know for sure once you take a chance.

P.P.S. The videos you’ll receive are in HD in MP4 format – 640 x 360 resolution.

P.P.P.S. You are protected by my 90 days happiness guarantee so don’t worry. It’s all taken care of.


Sign up now and look forward to great results with Singapore’s preferred weight loss and muscle building personal trainers.