Image did not bother Bob until his school days when he realized that he was putting on too much weight and could contend to be the heaviest guy in class. That was the start of his fitness journey. Having achieved a considerable weight loss of 20kg until he reached his optimum weight, he is yet another successful case of a fitness enthusiast turned personal trainer in the team.

Having successfully lost weight and today a popular face in the fitness industry, Bob uses the same techniques and methods to help his clients with their fitness goals. Till date, he has trained over 50 clients. If you ask him, nothing gives him greater satisfaction than being able to help others change their lives.

He is a certified fitness trainer with 3 years of experience, having worked with one of Singapore’s largest commercial gyms. He incorporates TRX and battle ropes into his training programmes for his clients.


Since his school days, Rayen was the classic example of a victim of bullying because of his skinny frame. Skinny all his life, he had always dreamt of putting on weight healthily and building muscle effectively.

Tired of all the taunting and determined to change his life for the better as he noticed that the better built guys were getting all the positive attention, Rayen made a decision to start visiting the gym. This kickstarted his fitness journey as he soon developed a keen interest in both fitness and nutrition planning. He also joined dragonboating.

The process was not easy as he experimented with countless programmes and diet plans until he found one that worked for skinny boys.

Rayen is today a certified personal trainer who helps his clients achieve their fitness goals through proven training programmes.


A quiet but active kid since young, Izaak was always involved in sports in school. In order to prepare himself for the IPPT for pre-National Service (NS) enlistment, he started going to the gym at the age of 16 years old.

After seeing lots of improvement in both form and confidence, he continued to pursue his fitness journey by becoming a personal trainer.

Armed with 5 years’ experience as a certified personal trainer with one of Singapore’s largest chain of private gyms and counting his own 10 years of working out, Izaak is a firm believer that training smart and adopting the right mindset are essential in achieving one’s fitness goals.


Jordan was a skinny hardgainer in his younger days. Growing up alongside his brother who was more athletically inclined than him gave him the impetus and inspiration to do something for himself. He knew he had to get fit.

Under the tutelage of his brother, he mustered up courage to step into the gym for the first time. And he began to set fitness goals for himself and strive towards attaining a nicer-looking body. What he thought was impossible slowly began to show results.

With sheer determination and the right training methodology, Jordan managed to gain muscle mass from 55kg to 67kg. Becoming physically stronger, he was also scouted to play for his school’s rugby team.

Throughout his own fitness journey, he has influenced many around him as they would constantly approach Jordan for fitness tips and advice. These people eventually started to train with him and became his clients. Till today, he continues with his personal mission to help clients lose weight successfully and build muscles for extra strength gain cum power.


A skinny yet active kid since young, there was always eagerness and enthusiasm in him when it came to sports. However, he often got injured. And injuries would see him being side-lined.

After doing extensive research, Bryan realized that strength, endurance, power, flexibility were all key factors in his attempt to becoming a well-rounded sportsman. More importantly, building up his muscles could actually protect his joints and reduce his injuries.

Since then, he has continuously been working out regularly and it has become a new lifestyle. And from skinny boy, he packed on the muscles he always dreamed of.

A certified personal trainer, Bryan brings with him a wealth of experience helping clients achieve their fitness goals as he used to be a trainer with Singapore’s largest commercial gym. Besides training clients, he also loves outdoor adventure sports and teaches muay thai.


Brian was once a skinny boy and he was frequently nicknamed “bamboo” during his school days. No matter what he ate, he just could not pack on the muscles.

Inspired by the better physiques of his friends and wanting to do something for himself, Brian decided to start going to gym. His muscle building story proved a success when he went from 51kg to 70kg of lean muscle mass. His amazing transformation has led to his peers being in awe of the results he has achieved.

Brian’s own fitness journey from skinny to fit is one that resounds with his clients as he has shown first-hand that patience is the key to success. He believes that any client who gets to be trained by him will see a similar transformation with the proper techniques and dedicated meal plans.

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