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Jordan was a skinny hardgainer in his younger days. Growing up alongside his brother who was more athletically inclined than him gave him the impetus and inspiration to do something for himself. He knew he had to get fit.

Under the tutelage of his brother, he mustered up courage to step into the gym for the first time. And he began to set fitness goals for himself and strive towards attaining a nicer-looking body. What he thought was impossible slowly began to show results.

With sheer determination and the right training methodology, Jordan managed to gain muscle mass from 55kg to 67kg. Becoming physically stronger, he was also scouted to play for his school’s rugby team.

Throughout his own fitness journey, he has influenced many around him as they would constantly approach Jordan for fitness tips and advice. These people eventually started to train with him and became his clients. Till today, he continues with his personal mission to help clients lose weight successfully and build muscles for extra strength gain cum power.


A scrawny kid since his school days, Jackson was the often the butt of all jokes and that really hurt his self-esteem.

What kickstarted his fitness journey was when his ex-girlfriend left him for a more muscular guy. He was determined to change his way of life and live better.

After the completion of his first marathon in 2013, he realised that aiming for overall fitness was the key to living a quality life. Being a hard gainer, he wanted to prove to others that vegetarian fitness athletes (like himself) can build muscles too. Following a customised fitness programme which he self-designed, he went from 55kg to 65 kg in just six months!

Fast forward to today and Jackson is easily the fittest, most confident and lean muscle toned guy in the crowd. Using the same principles which have helped him shape his transformation, he now helps his clients achieve their fitness goals with the same laser tight focus.


A severely underweight kid during his schooling days, Nathan had a difficult time gaining mass and strength for years. This was despite him being very active in sports such as hockey, floorball and spring kayaking.

He first stepped into the gym at the age of 20 but soon because disillusioned because there was no one to guide him. Worse he got injured and sustained a misaligned shoulder. That injury kept him out of exercise for months. Initially disappointed, he decided to do extensive research and customize his own fitness training programme.

Post-injury, his customized muscle building fitness programme is his best walking testimonial as he went from a scrawny 48kg to a lean toned fit 66kg in just 9 months. More importantly, he blends yoga and functional training into his workout routines.

As a personal trainer today, Nathan is an inspiration to his clients as they learn how to sculpt lean fit physiques and positive mindsets through fitness.


Ranging from a black belt in Aikido to 6 years in Water Polo to completing the Standard Chartered Marathon, fitness has always been a part of Justin’s lifestyle. Ever since young, Justin has had a strong, burning passion for exercise and sports.

This was a stark contrast from his earlier years when he was still skinny and scrawny. In fact, he was being referred to as “ikan bilis” by the girls in his school, until he learnt the importance of proper exercise and nutrition planning to not only build muscle, but to also improve his cardiovascular endurance.

Ever since then, Justin has packed on the lean fit muscles he’s always dreamed of. Thus it is not surprising that he achieves the IPPT gold.

An approachable and dedicated fitness trainer, Justin helps his clients achieve their own fitness goals and feel good about the way they look. He believes that with the right amount of dedication, anything is possible.


Severely underweight at only 44kg during his school days, Irwin’s frame was so small that his school uniform could not even fit him properly. He was weak, fragile and fainted many times during school assembly.

His embarrassment was made worse when one female classmate challenged him for arm wrestling which he expectedly lost. This made his self-esteem and confidence sink to the lowest ebbs.

Determined to put on muscle mass and become more masculine, Irwin experimented with different exercise routines and eventually came up with his own customized formula to kickstart his muscle building fitness journey.

Combining weights training, calisthenics and Muay Thai, he gained an impressive 18kg of lean muscle mass.

Post-transformation, the friendly and easy-going Irwin now teaches his clients how to integrate workout plans that are effective and time-efficient, while achieving their fitness goals concurrently.


Ever since he was young, Albert has been skinny and scrawny. He was constantly mocked for looking weak and sickly. Thus, as he grew older, he wanted to gain mass so as to look more confident in both the mirror and out in the public.

After observing his more athletic friends, Albert decided to take a leap of faith and begin strength training. That was the time where everything changed in his life. With a newfound interest in fitness and health, Albert took up courses to further develop his prowess and knowledge in strength training.

The results of his courses became apparent while he was serving his national service as a military officer, when he was selected to plan out daily fitness routines due to his extensive knowledge and experience in strength training and other fitness related expertise.

Today, Albert is a certified personal trainer who aims to help his clients to achieve their goals through effective periodisation training programmes.


Ken was once a skinny boy and he was frequently nicknamed “bamboo” during his college days. No matter what he ate, he just could not pack on the muscles.

Inspired by the better physiques of his friends and wanting to do something for himself, Ken decided to start going to gym. His muscle building story proved a success when he went from 45kg to 60kg of lean muscle mass. His amazing transformation has led to his peers being in awe of the results he has achieved.

Ken’s own fitness journey from skinny to fit is one that resounds with his clients as he has shown first-hand that patience is the key to success. He believes that any client who gets to be trained by him will see a similar transformation with the proper techniques and dedicated meal plans.


A skinny boy since young with few friends, Regan always knew he wanted to build muscles so as to boost his confidence and improve his body image.

Once he started exercising and working out at the gym, he started to build both size and strength. More importantly, he felt comfortable in his own skin to have the confidence to look people in the eyes when talking to them.

Today a success story of his own, he has decided to become a personal trainer so he can help others achieve their dream bodies. He is a firm believer that hard work and adopting the right mindset are essential in achieving one’s fitness goals.

Regan most recently won the gold medal in the Physique War 2019 Men’s Physique Juniors Category.


Since his school days, Rayen was the classic example of a victim of bullying because of his skinny frame. Skinny all his life, he had always dreamt of putting on weight healthily and building muscle effectively.

Tired of all the taunting and determined to change his life for the better as he noticed that the better built guys were getting all the positive attention, Rayen made a decision to start visiting the gym. This kickstarted his fitness journey as he soon developed a keen interest in both fitness and nutrition planning. He also joined dragonboating.

The process was not easy as he experimented with countless programmes and diet plans until he found one that worked for skinny boys.

Rayen is today a certified personal trainer who helps his clients achieve their fitness goals through proven training programmes.

Wei Sheng
Wei Sheng

Wei Sheng’s story is one that resonates with many guys out there. He was skinny fat and failed all his NAPFA tests in school.

Sick of being a weakling and fearful of being punished or confined as a recruit on Pulau Tekong, he started working out during his polytechnic days. Together with his gym buddies, he trained consistently and motivated each other…seeing good results as he attained gold awards in his NAPFA tests.

After National Service, his passion for health and fitness led him to pursue an American Council of Exercise (ACE) personal trainer certification and eventually become a fitness instructor who trained recruits at the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) into their best possible shape.

Besides personal training, Wei Sheng is also interested in rehab training as he believes it provides a good balance, especially when exploring alternative workouts like calisthenics/movement-based training.

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