Ok, I must admit today’s post may sound a little technical…but I’m sure all of you will be happy to learn that our site www.PersonalTrainingSingapore.com is ranked first in Google.

Based on pure organic search (with no paid advertisements), we are number one in Singapore. Wow!

It is an open secret that the Google remains the most popular search engine leading the way for internet searches. With more consumers finding information online, having a site that reaches out to a greater audience is a win-win solution to both us and our clients.


On our end, we provide quality content. Content accumulated over the years acts like an encyclopedia wealth of knowledge. You never know what advice you will get unless you have read our entries over the years. We value add to our clients and readers by providing practical health and fitness tips. Our team of certified personal trainers will also be glad to share their own life stories with you – stories of either being a fat kid or being stick-thin during their teenage years. Now, doesn’t this sound familiar? And won’t you feel you now have a confidante who has walked the same route and if he can do it, so can you!

On the reader’s end, landing on a site that is well indexed by the industry leader Google augurs well for you. This means we are a credible site. More importantly, we have kept the design of the site clutter free so that it makes it easier for you to navigate. Whether it is to read the success stories of our clients’ body transformations; or find out more about weight loss and muscle building tips, you hold the power in your hands.

We acknowledge that competition will always be there, but if you believe in your own cause and can produce results for others to see, what’s there to fear, right?

Many thanks to our family, friends, clients who have believed in us. Because of your unwavering belief, we are able to spread more love and light to those around us =)