As you will probably realise by now, it is all about looking and feeling good. We can personally attest to it as we’ve been through it ourselves.

When you feel good internally, it naturally shows externally. You brim with confidence; you become stronger; you are happier; your steps are lighter; your quality of life improves; and the biggest benefit of all is that you look younger!

For weight loss programmes, our results have consistently shown that you will lose at least 2kg in the first month!

And if you are looking to build muscle, our trainers will help you work toward adding at least 2kg of lean muscle mass in the first month!

Take action now with our affordable training packages!

There are four workout training packages which you can choose from.

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All fees are in Singapore dollars. Our rates start from an affordable SGD$65 per hour and our personal trainers have clocked at least 500 instructional hours of personal training.

Stretch your dollar and make it even cheaper by going for more sessions!


Total Transformation Package

  • 50 workout sessions plus 8 FREE workout sessions
    (5434_14 workout sessions in total)
  • Customised Meal Plan
  • One-time Personal Grocery Shopping Trip
  • One FREE ebook worth SGD$29
    ‘Fitness With Resistance Bands’


Personal Training women_Lose weight

Rapid Results

  • 30 workout sessions plus 4 FREE workout sessions
    (5434_14 workout sessions in total)
  • Customised Meal Plan


muscle building

Busy Person’s

  • 20 workout sessions
  • Customised Meal Plan


Push_up Personal training

Express Fitness

  • 10 workout sessions


Sign up now and look forward to great results with Singapore’s preferred weight loss and muscle building personal trainers.

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