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5 Easy-To-Use Fitness Apps

Mobile health apps are increasingly popular these days. It’s not just the fitness enthusiasts who plan their diet and workout; the average man is using these health apps to track his calorie count and even the number of steps clocked each day. Here are five easy-to-use apps that we've tried and liked. Best of all, [...]

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5 Tips To Keep Your Fitness Resolutions On Track In The New Year

Hello 2017. How quickly time flies and we are now in our 3rd week of a brand new year. It’s interesting how many of us make new year resolutions at the beginning of the year. Yet honestly, how many of us keep these resolutions when we review them at the end of the year? If you [...]

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Empowerment Through Regular Fitness & Healthy Eating

We all know the benefits of working out regularly and eating clean. This directly translates into being able to fit into any jeans, pants or skirt; looking glamorous in a tank top; and having something to show when you take off your shirt at the next beach party. Yet clean eating, coupled with a regime [...]

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Singapore Is World Healthiest Country

You cannot have missed the article in many of the leading newspapers today. The headlines scream "Singapore Named Healthiest Country". So is it another accolade for Singapore - a country well known for engineering many firsts in the world? I should think so. But read on and you will realise that there still remains a large group [...]

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Corporate Wellness Talk For Jebsen & Jessen

It is definitely an encouraging sign to see more companies devoting time, effort and resources to health and wellness – a much neglected area in the workforce. With society’s perpetual emphasis on raising productivity amidst an uncertain global economy, companies are fast realizing the key to doing this is boosting worklife balance of their staff. [...]

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Health And Wellness Talk For NUS (National University Of Singapore) Staff

If you ask me, nothing beats the feeling of being on home ground. That’s because not only do you know the surroundings well, you also see familiar faces in the crowd. And for these two reasons alone, I’m glad to be back at the National University of Singapore (NUS) at lunchtime today to share health [...]

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Health And Fitness Talks At AusGroup

It’s been a long while since I was invited back to the industrial estates to conduct my health and fitness talks. And here I am, in this two-part series, yesterday and today, at AusGroup, located at the far far west of Tuas. As with any other industrial, construction, manufacturing or shipping industries, holding a talk [...]

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