I’m off to Tanjong Penjuru Crescent today for a lunchtime health and fitness talk. Situated in the West of Singapore among the heavy industrial estates is CSC Holdings Limited.

A listed company on the local stock exchange market, CSC Holdings Limited is Singapore’s largest foundation and geotechnical engineering specialist; and one of the region’s leading ground engineering solutions provider for private and public sector residential, commercial, institution, industrial and infrastructure projects. In the vast openness of the hall (which so reminds me of my school days) where space is a luxury, I welcomed a smiley group of ladies and two gentlemen.

Had you all been here, you would also have loved the smiley faces and the giggly nature of the ladies in particular!

It was clear that the staff shared a very good camaraderie as they were all teasing one another when the final figures for the BMI and BMR were revealed. And as if afraid I would peep at their figures, the ladies actually used their hands to cover up their calculations…